Freeze offense ignites in series with Bulldogs

Starting with a Friday afternoon 9-1 win propelled by goals from Lukas Motloch (Anderson, Schultz), Alec Seeger (Briley, Dolan), Hunter Dolan (2) (Seeger), Joshua Frerks (2) (Marquardt) (Toycen, Briley), Tyler Briley (Toycen, Eykyn), Dylan Goggin (Machusak, Hazlett), and Micah Anderson (Schultz, Motloch). Will Graves saved 13 of 14 shots for the win.


Saturday night was another 8-1 rout. A Bulldog goal in the first minute was all that was given up by goaltender Jacob Silverstein. After that, his win was aided by Tyler Briley (Schultz, Eykyn), Donny Schultz (3) (Sands, Machusak) (Anderson, Dabrowski) (Eykyn, Briley), Alec Seeger (2) (Anderson) (Sands), Adam Hazlett (Schultz, Frerks), and Danny Toycen.


In Sunday’s weekend finale, the Freeze broke double digits in goals courtesy of Donny Schultz (Wolter, Dolan), Alec Seeger (Dabrowski, Dolan), Tyler Briley (2) (Eykyn, Seeger) (Seeger), Hunter Dolan (2) (Briley) (Seeger, Lanz), JP Eykyn (Frerks, Machusak), Lukas Motloch (2) (Losen, Lanz) (Losen), Danny Toycen (Dabrowski, Anderson), and Adam Hazlett (Anderson, Seeger). Andrew Wagner’s 11-1 victory capped the weekend of widening the Freeze’s cushion in second place. A week off will allow the Freeze to begin march with three more games against the Bulldogs.