Freeze surge into the final weekend of the regular season

After sweeping the Bulldogs this past weekend, the Freeze will take to the road for the final 3 games of the regular season. In Friday night’s game, goals were scored by Micah Anderson (Goggin, Seeger),  JP Eykyn (Machusak, Frerks), Alec Seeger (Briley), Adam Halett (Machusak), Sam Dabrowski with a hat trick (Anderson) (Marquardt) (Dolan, Goggin), Matt Wolter (Briley), Danny Toycen (Lanz, Marquardt), Donny Schultz (Motloch), and another hat trick for Lukas Motloch (Losen, Schultz) (Schultz, Losen) (Losen, Wolter). Andrew Wagner picked up the win with 13 saves on 14 shots and was aided on penalty kills with a pair of shorthanded goals.


Saturday night’s game was the Freeze’s first shutout of the Bulldogs as Will Graves stopped all 20 shots sent his way for his third shutout in 13 games. The Freeze’s 12 goals came courtesy of Lukas Motloch with another hat trick (Sands, Schultz) (Losen, Lanz) (Losen, Lanz), Colton Sands (Goggin, Machusak) with his first goal of the year, Tyler Briley with a hat trick (Toycen, Eykyn) (Eykyn, Toycen) (Eykyn, Dabrowski), Hunter Dolan (2) (Wolter) (Hazlett, Wolter), Donny Schultz (2) (Losen, Wolter) (Losen, Lanz), and Nathan Marquardt (Goggin, Frerks) with his first goal of the season.


The season finale with the Bulldogs saw another 12-goal game as Points were put on the board by Donny Schultz (Briley, Losen), Adam Hazlett (Machusak), Tyler Briley (4) (Eykyn, Elliott) (Toycen, Eykyn) (Eykyn, Lands) (Toycen, Eykyn), Lukas Motloch (Schultz, Marquardt), Sam Dabrowski (2) ( Seeger, Anderson) (Frerks), Micah Anderson (Marquardt, Dabrowski), Kadin Machusak (Briley, Hazlett), and Brendan Elliott (Toycen, Eykyn). Jacob Silverstein picked up the win with 14 saves on 17 shots from the Bulldogs to up his record to 10-4 on the season.
The Freeze will travel to Alexandria for a pair of games against the playoff-bound Blizzard on Friday and Saturday nights before a Sunday evening game on the road against the division-leading North Iowa Bulls.